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Sarah Margaret Aicher
United States of America / Seat 46C
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Sarah Margaret Aicher
February 09, 1959 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 29)

The youngest of Joyce and Paul Aicher's four children, Sarah Margaret Aicher was born in Evanston, Illinois. As a child she lived in Reading, Pennsylvania; Cumberland, Rhode Island; and Pomfret, Connecticut. She graduated from Cumberland High School in 1977. She then attended the University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1981 with a degree in youth drama. After college, she went to London as an aspiring actress, attending acting school there. She was a member of All Souls Church in London. Her work in the community was channeled through the church and the Samaritans of England. She began playwriting in 1986 and completed the play Heaven in 1988. A second play centered in Tennessee was in progress.

For her parents, Sarah's enduring traits were her vitality and her compassion. This vitality made parenting a wild, sometimes exasperating, but ultimately wonderful experience. Her compassion sometimes caused her pain but surely will not be easily forgotten by those she touched.

In her final year, she began finding her voice as a playwright, a voice that could often be heard searching for meaning in her conversations and letters. That year she completed her first play, Heaven, a drama about people who frequent a bar by that name near Charing Cross, London. They are street people, destitute and often homeless. Sarah, in her play, strove to bring to light the humanness of their lives, not as street people but as children of God. She had been given high hopes for its production in the coming year.

It was her vibrancy, though, that always crowds through all memory. She wanted to know, to share, to discover.

She was a deeply religious person. The church was central to her life. She and Paul Freeman, her fiance who died with her, shared this deep conviction. She lives on in the many ways her love and caring affected those who knew her.

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