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John David Akerstrom
United States of America / Seat 25A
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John David Akerstrom
Electrical Engineer
May 20, 1954 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 34)

John David Akerstrom, living in Medina, Ohio. was returning home from a business trip to spend Christmas with his wife, our mother, and us, his two young children, who were five and not yet two years old. John's favorite way to spend his time was at home with his adored family. He was a father, husband, son, uncle, brother, and friend. We would like to share with you a little bit about him and his effect on the people who loved him and were loved by him.

I grew up idolizing John. He was a good athlete, a fantastic musician, and a successful engineer. John was also the ideal father. I remember thinking that someday I hoped I would be as good a parent. I've never seen a man who was as comfortable and patient with his children as John.
—Laura Ford, niece

With John being such a loving, loyal husband and father and such a conscientious worker, we truly expected the very best in life to be his lot. We looked to him and Pam to provide us with more healthy, wholesome grandchildren and to be nearby as we became older and needed assistance. He was so solid and dependable. We all lost so much when his life ended.
—John and Emily Akerstrom, parents

The irony is that Pam and John had lived a very intentional life. They had made plans, carried them out and accepted responsibility. They struggled together and celebrated together. They were fulfilling the American Dream in a way that few have come close to. They loved and respected their children, each other, and their community.
—Kevin Brown, brother-in-law

There didn't seem to be anything that John couldn't do well—he was creative with his hands, he was musical, he was athletic, and he was very intelligent.
—Nancy Graham, sister

We felt a great sense of gratitude that Pam had married someone who was very responsible, conscientious, and dedicated to achieving as well as a kind, loving, caring person with a great sense of humor. The future looked bright for them and we were pleased.
—Ray and Alice Brown, in-laws

The three things I remember most about John as my friend were his creativity, honesty, and sense of humor. He could apply his creative ability to music as well as to business and engineering problems. And when John dealt with me or anyone else, he was sincere about his feelings or perspectives and would only deal in honest terms. But regardless of how tough things got sometimes, he would always keep his sense of humor and be ready to say something to make you smile.
—Greg Mihran, friend

There are so many images of John that come to mind, but none of these remind me of anger or pessimism or have any negative connotations what-soever. By example, John has shown me that these emotions do not deserve our time and attention. I will remember that, and I believe I will be changed because of it.
—Patrick Tarr, brother-in-law

The loss of our father and the loss of an opportunity to know him will stay with us for the rest of our lives; our lives that would be so different if he were here. We are eternally thankful to those that have supported us and told us stories of the father we never knew.
—Jared, son, age 13 and Jennie, daughter, age 16

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