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Clare Louise Bacciochi
United Kingdom / Seat 50K
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Clare Louise Bacciochi
Hair Stylist
March 15, 1969 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 19)

Clare Louise Bacciochi and Clayton Lee Flick were on a special trip to New York to celebrate their recent engagement.

In love they flew, in death they knew,
together they would be.
In love they died, in pain we cried,
that night in Lockerbie.

Clare's father, in writing about his daughter, explains, "It would take me nineteen years to describe my daughter, because every moment of her life was a wonderful experience. How can I explain what kind of person Clare was, speaking as her father? If I were some other person describing Clare I know you would believe it. This girl was just too good to last; she was loving, caring, unselfish, and on top of all this. she was so beautiful. Clare was always someone other people could share their problems with and get some help from with her warm personality. It wasn't until after we lost Clare that we realized the number of people she had helped in her short life and never spoke about it. Everyone who met Clare had noticed that special something she possessed. Her headstone will read, 'She gave nineteen years of love and happiness.' It was this wonderful child who met this wonderful boy only nine months before they both died.

Clayton Flick, a mere twenty-five years old, was the perfect match for Clare. It was a fairy tale romance, love at first sight, the promise of showing Clare the world, the perfect gentleman, and the promised son-in-law. It was on November 5th they became engaged, a wonderful night that both families will treasure forever. She phoned us just before boarding at 17:50 hours and spoke about pre-flight shopping. I was handed the phone from my wife and Clare spoke her last words to me, Dad, I love you.—

Clare leaves her parents John and Jean and a sister. Dawn.

Claire Bacciochi: Shopping spree with sweetheart
Posted By Foundation Staff
Dec 23, 1988