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Surinder Mohan Bhatia
United States of America / Seat 34D
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Surinder Mohan Bhatia
May 21, 1937 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 51)

Surinder Mohan Bhatia, known as Sam, lived with his wife, Sharda, and daughter, Kiran, in Redondo Beach, California. A native of New Delhi, India, he moved to San Pedro and taught mathematics. He later became owner and president of Career Selection, Inc., an executive search firm. He traveled to London earlier in December to promote a business transaction. Sam was not supposed to be on Pan Am Flight 103, but he finished his business a few days ahead of schedule and changed plans to stop over and visit a business associate on the east coast before returning home. He then booked on Pan Am 103 as a standby passenger.

Sam was executive director of the International Thought Alliance, a worldwide association of New Thought Churches. He is remembered by friends and former students as being strict yet kind and understanding, a man who instilled good values. His family asked relatives and friends not to grieve for him, but to reflect on the experiences they shared with him during his lifetime. He believed in the continuity of the soul and the oneness of life. He is remembered for the knowledge and happiness he willingly shared with all and for having enriched and touched the lives of many.

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