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Lorraine Frances Buser Halsch
United States of America / Seat 35C
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Lorraine Frances Buser Halsch
Special Education Teacher - Englewood Board of Education
November 06, 1957 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 31)

Lorraine Buser Halsch traveling with her father Warren Max Buser and brother Michael Warren Buser, were returning home from an impromptu vacation in England. Lorraine was expecting her second child. Surviving are Geraldine, wife and mother; Paul Halsch, husband of Lorraine; Kelly, 11 months, daughter of Lorraine; and two sisters and a brother of Lorraine and Michael.

Her father Warren, 62, was an Army veteran of World War II and a graduate of Columbia University with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering. He worked for the Parsons Brinkerhoff Co., of New York, New York. He was a member of American Legion Post 145 and a parishioner of St. Catharine's R.C. Church of Glen Rock, New York.

Her brother, Michael, 34, of Ridgefield, New Jersey, was a media advertising executive for A.C. & R. Co. New York, New York. A 1976 graduate of Temple University, he was a member of its Alumni Association. He, too, was a parishioner of St. Catharine's R.C. Church in Glen Rock and was active in the Glen Rock Softball League.

Lorraine, 31, daughter of Warren and sister of Michael, graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor's degree in Education and worked for the Englewood Board of Education in special education. Lorraine lived in Fairport, New York, with her husband, Paul and infant daughter, Kelly. She was a parishioner of Assumption of Our Lady R.C. Church in Fairport and a member of the Perington, New York, Welcome Wagon.

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