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Eric Michael Coker
United States of America / Seat 43B
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Eric Michael Coker
Student - University of Rochester
April 23, 1968 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 20)

Eric and Jason Coker, twin brothers from Mendham, New Jersey, were traveling home from London after completing a semester with Syracuse University's DIPA program. The only sons of Tom Coker of Mendham, they also leave their mother, Barbara Primeau, of Troy, New York; their stepmother. Dorothy Coker; twin half-brothers, Todd and Scott Bauer; three stepbrothers, Bruce, Scott, and Brian Norwell; and a stepsister, Julie Norwell; as well as paternal and maternal grandparents.

Graduates of West Morris Mendham High School, which they had attended with Alex Lowenstein, another Pan Am 103 victim, they were remembered by teachers there as playful and likeable. Described by a high school teacher as "just a lot of fun," their family all feel the loss of joy in their presence. Eric and Jason teamed up for practical jokes. "Together? They were ruthless. If they were teamed up against you, you threw in the towel," reports a college friend who recalls their playful nature.

Eric was a junior. majoring in economics at the University of Rochester. He was a member of the Newman Club, the Meridian Club, and the Economics Council organization. He was also instru¬mental in organizing university ski trips. Eric planned to study for his Master's degree in Economics after obtaining an undergraduate degree in the subject.

Jason was a junior at the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse. He was on the staff of the Orangeman and was co-founder of World Watch, an international current affairs club at the college. He had hoped to work in either television or newspapers as a journalist.

Their parents describe them further:
Brothers together they came in sweetness and beauty
Brothers together they left in God's grace
Gifted by God with goodness and light
their privilege, their burden
Kind in the land of the uncaring
Virtuous in the land of the ambiguous
Giving in the land of the greedy
Sighted in the land of the blind
Aware in the land of the somnolent
May God let them and our love be one forever.

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