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Willis Larry Coursey
United States of America / Seat 36K
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Willis Larry Coursey
U.S. Army Sergeant
August 25, 1948 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 40)

Willis Larry Coursey was an Army sergeant traveling home to spend Christmas with his family in San Antonio, Texas. He leaves his wife, Margaret, two sons, Robert, 17, and Scott, 15, his parents, Willis and Rosie of Faulkville, Georgia, and a sister, Patricia Steele.

Willis, a career military man, was on a two-year tour of duty at Wiesbaden, West Germany. He and his family had made their home in San Antonio, where he had been stationed at Fort Sam Houston. He was 18 months away from reaching his 20-year retirement date. Described by his mother as a person who managed to combine a serious, businesslike attitude toward work, with a love of life, and he was a regular churchgoer. Fishing and car races were his favorite forms of leisure. His talents, sense of adventure, and a keen sense of patriotism, made him a natural for the military; first the Air Force and then the Army. After retiring he planned to attend college and become a physical therapist.

His wife, Margaret, describes Willis this way, "He found fun and excitement in his life everywhere: he fixed cars, overhauled engines, built our new living room with its' warm fireplace, and he learned carpentry, plumbing, masonry, and electrical wiring to do it. He saw the beauty in the world and knew how to enjoy it. He loved to walk on the beach, work in the yard, camp at state parks, or just watch the evening sky. We'd sit on the picnic table he made, and we'd talk about our plans and dreams together. Plans of being together, forever. Dreams blown apart in an instant, Forever."

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