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William Alan Daniels
United States of America / Seat 9H
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William Alan Daniels
Research Chemist
March 28, 1948 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 40)

William (Bill) Alan Daniels was a Group Leader in Process Development at American Cyanamid Company in Plainsboro, New Jersey. He had a B.S. in Chemistry from Emory University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Penn State. He leaves behind his wife, Kathy; and three children, Erin, 10; Brice, seven; and Melanie, two. He also leaves his parents, Jean and Gerald; his brother, Scott; and his sister, Susan Hendricks

Bill, Kathy, Erin, Brice, and Melanie lived in Belle Mead, New Jersey, where Kathy and the children still live. Bill and Kathy grew up in the southeastern United States—they met in Atlanta, Georgia. Bill is buried in Columbia, South Carolina, near Kathy's parents' home. Kathy's father is buried near Bill; he loved Bill like he was his own son.

Bill had gone to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, on December 18, 1988, with colleagues from American Cyanamid. Bill was leading negotiations with a company there to produce a Cyanamid product at their pilot plant. At the time, Cyanamid did not have their own pilot plant. Now, they do, and they have dedicated the building to Bill. The group finished up a day earlier than expected. Most of them stayed to shop and enjoy themselves, but Bill and another man left. His colleague flew TWA home; Bill flew Pan Am because he believed it to be safer.

Bill had several patents for Cyanamid for chemical processes. He was a brilliant man—well respected in his field, in his company, and by all others who knew him. He was 40 years old and upwardly mobile.

Bill was a family man. He loved his wife and children very much. He also loved woodworking and the outdoors—camping, hiking, and sailing. He built a room onto his former house, put in a fireplace, and built on a deck and greenhouse. In the present house, where he had lived less than two years, he had laid tile and marble. He was always working on the house in his spare time. Bill loved to sail and spent many happy hours at Lake Murray, Columbia, South Carolina, with Kathy's father. He loved to camp too. He was trying to visit every National Park in the United States. In the picture here, taken by Kathy atop a mountain in Sequoia National Park in August 1987, Bill had hiked to the top, with his camera and Melanie on his back.

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