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Clayton Lee Flick
United Kingdom / Seat 50J
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Clayton Lee Flick
February 23, 1963 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 25)

Clare Louise Bacciochi and Clayton Lee Flick were on a special trip to New York to celebrate their recent engagement.

In love they flew, in death they knew,
together they would be.
In love they died, in pain we cried,
that night in Lockerbie.

Clayton was born the fourth child of Harry and Jean, the brother of Barry and two sisters, Tracy and Kerry. He was always a very happy, contented, and attractive child, who stole everyone's heart as a baby, teenager, and even as a grownup. He was a bright scholar and he excelled as an all-round sportsman in every sport he put his hand to. He represented his school, city. and country in soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, and had numerous trophies and medals to prove his expertise. In grammar school, he achieved three A-levels and was admitted to Roehampton College, part of the University of London, where he spent three years culminating in an Honours Degree in Economics and Business Studies. He later returned to Coventry and started his own business, a supply company to the cleaning industry.

When Clayton and Clare were engaged, a ring was not enough for Clayton. In his inimitable way, he promised Clare a shopping trip of a lifetime, a three-day excursion to New York, three days to buy all their presents, three days in which to show her all the marvelous sights. Their shopping trip of a lifetime lasted 45 minutes. They were buried side by side at the village church of Clare's home in Kingsbury near Birmingham on January 17, 1989.

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