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Arthur Fondiler
United States of America / Seat 47C
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Arthur Fondiler
December 12, 1955 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 33)

Arthur (Art) Fondiler, of West Armonk, New York, was 33 years old. He was a lawyer and worked in the airline industry. Art came from a closely knit family that included his wife, Lori; his two children, Mollie, four, and Alison, who was born eight days after her father died; his parents; two sisters; two brothers-in-law; and maternal grandmother.

Art graduated with honors in history from the University of Michigan, and received his law degree from George Washington University. His love for history was strong and he carried it with him throughout his life. A memorial history prize has been established in his name at the University of Michigan.

Art is remembered by his family and friends as having a gentle, loving, and generous soul and a wonderful sense of humor. He was genuinely liked by all who knew him. He enjoyed his life thoroughly, and took particular pleasure in reading books, listening to music, and playing sports, particularly basketball and racquetball. To his family, he will always stay forever young.

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