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Robert Joseph Gerard Fortune
United States of America / Seat 1A
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Robert Joseph Gerard Fortune
Insurance Executive
July 24, 1948 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 40)

Robert (Bob) Gerard Fortune was on a short business trip to Europe and had left home on Sunday, December 19. He was due to fly home on Thursday, December 22, but he had discussed the possibility with Deirdre, his wife, of his wrapping things up a day early, which he did. A friend, Elia Stratis, traveled with Bob on Flight 103.

Bob was the youngest of four sons born to William and Alice. He attended Catholic grammar and high schools and graduated from St. Peter's College in Jersey City, New Jersey. Later he served in the U.S. Army from 1970 to 1972 and was stationed in West Germany. Besides his parents and brothers, he leaves his wife, Deirdre; and two children, Ann, who was almost seven; and James, who was four and a half.

When Bob's passport was recovered, found tucked in the leather folio was the photo he took of his wife and children just before leaving for England. They stand next to the Christmas tree in the living room. When Deirdre went to put the picture in a frame Bob carried in his suitcase to various hotel rooms around the world on his business travels, he stopped her. He wanted to carry the picture on his person. He cherished his wife and children.

Deirdre writes, "Memories flood over me unmercifully. I can see Bob slowly dancing with our daughter in his arms moments after her birth, tears in his eyes. God had given him the greatest gift—a child. His own little life to love. I can remember drifting into wonderful sleep after the long delivery and Bob whispering that he was going around the corner to celebrate with Tom and Chris Barrett. Hours later I was woken by this giddily weaving new Daddy as he announced THE NAME... `Her name is Ann!!' His Ann. She cries herself to sleep almost every night. How do I quiet her broken heart?

When Bob held James for the first time he cooed a lullaby. It became the 'James Song'. I can still hear Bob singing this silly little song with me just before lights out. And now, when I can't sing anymore, James wraps his strong five-year-old arms around me. He tries to quiet Mommy's tears ... his own still won't come."

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