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Paul Isaac Garrett
United States of America / Flight Crew
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Paul Isaac Garrett
Pan Am - Flight Attendant
November 16, 1947 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 41)

Paul was born in Miami, Florida, but his sense of adventure and interest in the world around him led him to Paris. On the job as a Flight Attendant, Paul received praise from his flying partners and passengers alike for his professionalism, poise, and calm demeanor. He was a proud recipient of the Clipper Ship Award.

With a flair for the artistic, Paul spent much of his spare time pursuing gourmet cooking, oil painting, and free-form sculpture. According to Pan Am's Clipper News, "Paul began his career with Pan Am in 1973 and was based in London until he transferred to San Francisco in 1978. He returned to the London base in February 1988 and moved to Paris, where he opened a fashion boutique and was planning to open a second."

Paul is survived by his wife, Dominique, and his parents, Ernest and Nadine Garrett.

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