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Olive Leonora Gordon
United Kingdom / Seat 45G
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Olive Leonora Gordon
March 09, 1963 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 25)

Olive Leonora Gordon was 25 years old and a single mother. She had just finished a hairdressing course and was looking forward to working as a hairdresser and beautician. She loved dancing, traveling, and meeting people. She was an extremely pleasant and popular girl. She left behind a daughter, four sisters, and four brothers.

Olive was born in the United Kingdom, but spent her childhood in Jamaica. Olive went back to the United Kingdom to live three years prior to her death and settled down with her daughter in London. Her sister, Donna Ellis, writes, "Olive was full of surprises and it was a shock to find that she had changed her mind about spending Christmas with us in Birmingham and decided to go to shopping in New York City instead. She loved clothes and often thought that it was better to buy in America because it was different. Olive booked a ticket on the twelve o'clock flight and missed it, but decided to catch the six o'clock Flight 103 instead."

She did not reach her goal in life. She wanted to run her own hairdressing business, but that dream was cruelly taken away from her. Olive left a void in the family that cannot be filled, even with all the years gone by. She is sadly missed by all her friends and most of all, her family.

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