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André Nikolai Guevorgian
United States of America / Seat 11A
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André Nikolai Guevorgian
November 11, 1956 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 32)

Andre Nikolai Guevorgian, a trader for Clarendon, Ltd., commuted regularly between New York and Europe. He had previously worked for Bankers Trust in its international trading group. The son of a Russian immigrant to whom he dedicated many of his achievements, Andre was the embodiment of the American dream. He was survived by his mother, Tatiana, and loved by all who knew him. His mother has passed away since the first publication of On Eagles' Wings.

When you think of Andre, you just have to smile. Andre had a short life, but what a life! From a childhood on New York's roughest streets, he made it to Harvard Yard, across the river to the Business School, and beyond. He was a walking, always talking, personification of the American dream. But Andre fit no stereotypes. He was unique; everything about him was a delightful paradox.

To simply say Andre loved life would be unfair: he embraced it, he squeezed it, he kissed it. Last dance, last run, last call—that is where you would always find Andre. Above all, he loved people and he was all the more fascinated when they were a little bit different, if they were, as he'd always say, an "individual." He was the master of the affectionate insult. With friends and strangers alike, it was his way of saying, "Relax, don't take yourself too seriously, I'm OK, you're OK, and life is great."

Andre was a most complex man—enigmatic almost. No one person really knew all the dimensions and depths of his personality. People at work, from college, the South of France, or Sea Cliff, where he lived, saw one or several sides of him but never all of them long enough to say they truly knew him. Yet, he moved easily from one crowd to the next, making people from various backgrounds feel comfortable in his presence. His ability to dictate and control discussions and activities in order to keep everyone's interest was nothing short of an art form. He was the nexus to a most unusual and motley world he crafted out of places as diverse as Harlem, New York, London, and Harvard. This aspect of his personality made him an unpredictable character.

Andre's life was also strewn with seeming paradoxes that only added to the power, appeal, and complexity of his personality. This was no common man who led a most uncommon life.

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