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Melina Kristina Hudson
United States of America / Seat 29A
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Melina Kristina Hudson
January 25, 1972 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 16)

Melina Kristina Hudson of Albany, New York, was returning home for the holidays after a semester at the Exeter School, Exeter, England, through an exchange agreement with her high school back home, the Albany Academy for Girls. She was the first American girl to attend the Exeter School. Only 16, Melina had originally been scheduled to fly home on December 22, but travel plans were inexplicably changed. As reported in the Syracuse Post Standard, "Melina went along with her flight change as easily as she had adjusted to England. Most sixteen-year-olds might have had trouble with being an exchange student at Exeter...but she was far from ordinary. Her soft beauty won her a runner-up spot in the 1986 Miss TeenAge New York Pageant, but beneath the softness Melina was headstrong and tough. When it came time to sell Girl Scout cookies, she peddled 300 boxes."

Melina leaves her parents, Paul and Eleanor; her three brothers, Stephen, Paul J., and William David; and her grandparents, William and Maybelle Hudson, and Jus and Melina Rossi. Her father describes Melina as being full of life, beautiful, and beloved. Her brother Stephen writes, "Anyone who knew my sister knew she had raw emotions that were never hidden. My sister was part of me. Many of our thoughts and ideas were the same. She demanded respect from whomever she met. She spoke her mind, which would offend some, but was beneficial to many. For a sixteen-year-old girl to be her own individual is something hardly found. I saw the intense love she had for family and friends. I also learned from my sister that one's values cannot be compromised. Because once one has compromised his or her values for popularity, friendship, or prosperity, then that person has lost his individuality and uniqueness and is now only a face in the crowd. My sister did not sit down and think about this, she lived this philosophy. With hard-set values there comes a degree of loneliness and doubt, but one cannot give in. My sister went through a difficult sixteen years, but never did she give in. An explosion is the only thing that could have killed her."

Melina's school notebook was found and returned from Lockerbie. On its cover she had written, "No one dies unless they are forgotten."

25th anniversary CBS News 2013
Posted By Paul Hudson
Dec 21, 2013
Painting of Melina made after her passing
Posted By Donna Hudson
Jan 01, 1989
Hudson, Melina
Posted By Paul Hudson
Nov 01, 1988
Hudson, Melina - Eiffel Tower
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Jan 01, 1987 - Paris, France
Hudson, Melina with brothers Stephen, Paul Joseph and David
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Jan 01, 1987
Melina loved ballet from an early age becoming an exquisite dancer..
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Dec 01, 1984 - Near Albany, NY
Hudson, Family (L-R) David, Eleanor, Paul, Paul Joseph, Melina and Stephen
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Jan 01, 1984
Hudson, Melina with brothers Stephen and Paul Joseph
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Jan 01, 1982