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Roger Elwood Hurst
United States of America / Seat 2H
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Roger Elwood Hurst
Vice President Public Relations Inter-Continental Hotels
July 12, 1950 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 38)

Roger Elwood Hurst, a vice president in promotions and public relations for Inter-Continental Hotels, leaves his wife, Bernadette and his two children, Matthew, three and a half at the time of the bombing, and Anna, 13 months. He also leaves behind his parents, his sister, and two brothers. A devoted husband and father, Roger loved quiet times at home with his young family, books, fishing, and music—he played the guitar. Roger showed his love in subtle ways. He was a very caring person, concerned not only for his wife and children, but frequently concerned about the dilemma of a friend or colleague. Words used by friends and colleagues to describe him are: intelligent, warm, witty, consistent, self-disciplined, scintillating, magical. Across the nation, friends related to Bernadette how much they missed their telephone chats with Roger.

A 1972 graduate of Rice University with a B.A. in English and Behavioral Sciences, Roger graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. In 1977, he earned his MBA in Marketing from Southern Illinois University. Professionally, he rose quickly through the ranks and achieved a great deal of success. Success, however, did not alter Roger, as a friend explained in a letter to Bernadette:

"Roger excelled in every facet of human life. He achieved so much yet had the demeanor of a sensitive, calm gentleman. He accomplished more than most overachiever types that have to be always striving to flaunt and impress.

He was a scholar and well respected by his professors at Rice. He was a great college buddy and always managed to have a good time throughout his college days. He made juggling a great academic career and (heavy) socializing look easy...Roger was always the catalyst that got everyone else's enthusiasm going...yet he never acted like a leader, 'cause he always listened to other people who were his close friends.

After college he continued to maintain this excellence in so many areas. Usually people are good at one thing or a few, but Roger seemed to be excellent in all areas.

His career was a steady climb of promotions...he met a great person in college to spend the rest of his life with and was always faithful to her. He always had time for his kids while still having a demanding career. He found time to keep in touch with his group of loyal friends.

He was a complete person as far as meeting all his adult responsibilities...yet he always managed to enjoy all the good times."

His mother notes, "Roger had accomplished every goal that, as his parents, we knew he would. He was success-driven from a very early age and nothing stopped him from reaching for the stars...People who Roger called 'friend' could count on him at anytime for anything. That was just one of his numerous qualities of which we, his family, will always be proud."

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