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Elke Etha Kuehne
West Germany / Flight Crew
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Elke Etha Kuehne
Flight Attendant
March 17, 1945 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 43)

Pan Am's Clipper News explains that Elke Etha Kuehne began her career with Pan Am in 1970 and was based in Washington, DC, and New York before joining the London base in 1976. To all who came in contact with her, Elke truly represented the hallmark of professionalism. To quote a passenger, "It is only a person of such high caliber as Elke Kuehne that makes the cost of flying worthwhile." Her character and quick wit won her many friends as well as respect. Elke was single and is survived by her parents, Dr. Lothar and Ruther Kuehne; and two brothers, Ulfar and Rainer. Dr. Kuehne describes his daughter.

"Elke Kuehne was born in Gotha. Her mother had fled there with her two older brothers to escape the bombing in Berlin. Her father—Dr. Lothar Kiihne—was an attorney and a notary, her mother comes from a Prussian noble family. After their escape from Central Germany, the family came over through Rinteln, to Weser, and then to Hannover. After her father was released as a prisoner of war, he returned to Hannover and was able to build his practice there as a notary and an attorney, along with the help of his wife.

Following her successful graduation, Elke studied languages in London and Paris and took her interpreter exams. She then became a foreign correspondent in Paris. But, she soon decided on the occupation of a flight attendant with Pan Am. Although it would mean greater separation from her family with whom she had always been close, it meant the fulfillment of her chosen goals.

Starting in Miami, she worked in Washington and New York and then went to London. Elke had a happy nature. She inspired trust and she won it. She was well liked due to her joyful nature and she was always willing to help. This brought her not only acknowledgements but also many friendships with her colleagues. Her work was her life. She remained true to herself up until her cruel death cleaved her from

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