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Elizabeth Lillian Marek
United States of America / Seat 36C
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Elizabeth Lillian Marek
Actress and Peace Activist
February 17, 1958 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 30)

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst for righteousness: 
for they shall be filled."
—Matthew 5:3-12

Elizabeth (Liz) Lillian Marek and Bill Mack had decided to take a trip on a whim—the reduced fares to London were an irresistible incentive for these serendipity friends. How to describe Elizabeth? Certainly not by way of appearance—her hair especially was subject to unexpected fluctuations of length and color. We cannot describe her by buildings built or by dollars earned. That kind of achievement was not in Elizabeth's realm. We must describe her by her spirit, which lingers still and cannot be killed—in a sense because Liz was all spirit, she will never die.

We get an idea of Liz from the memorial service planned for her by friends and family. The program was in the form of a playbill. The playbill announces, "A New Play, Based on the Life and Times of Elizabeth Marek. The action takes place nonstop. There is a beginning. There is no end." It also points out that Liz defied a one-line description—and explains that it is because of her family, "a special group." It goes on to describe the very human, funny, and frustrating moments in Liz's life. We see the enthusiastic student: drama club, National Honor Society, chorus, UConn, marching band, band, and senior class president. She was chosen by her class as the wittiest, most popular, most dramatic, and class clown. She created the Story Book Players. All of this interspersed with lines from the theater of her own life. "She kept us on our toes." "Hey kids, let's put on a show!" "Look for me on NBC." "The universe will provide." "Saving the planet is a tough business." "We live in a Burger King mentality. We want it in 60 seconds, we want it wrapped in plastic, we want it now."

Never losing site of her acting career, Liz blended her musical and acting talent with her desire for world peace. On The Great Peace March, Liz was in a singing group called the Wild Wimmin for Peace. She was often stage manager or director for a variety of peace organizations. She wanted to be a "star" ...and now she is one. Liz left a large and like-minded family: her parents Adelaide and Bill; three sisters; and two brothers. Her father, Bill Marek, died of a heart attack five months later.

Liz: "You're never lost, you're just seeing different stuff."

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