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Daniel Emmet McCarthy
United States of America / Seat 6B
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Daniel Emmet McCarthy
Vice President - Credit Suisse First Boston
November 02, 1957 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 31)

Daniel (Dan) Emmet McCarthy, a vice president in international operations for Credit Suisse First Boston was based in London, England, for approximately one year and was returning home to Brooklyn, New York, for the holidays. He is survived by his mother, Vivian; his father, John, a retired attorney; his older brother, John, Jr., a currency trader; and his younger brother, Peter, a practicing attorney. His parents have since passed away.

His father writes, "We, his family, miss this 6'4", 200 lb., quiet, gentle member of our home and like all of the surviving families try, each in our own way, to cope with this sudden, unexpected tragedy which has come our way. His mother and I talk of him a lot—his brothers seem to find this more difficult—often re-reading the many letters of condolence we received from friends and co-workers around the world. We were and continue to be amazed at the outpouring of grief and compassion that has come to us in lengthy handwritten letters so touching and eloquent that they make the tears come readily.

We are all of us aware that the suddenness and the violence of his death contributed to and stimulated to a great degree this overwhelming response, but the pride we feel in the knowledge that he touched so many people in so many positive ways in a much too short life helps us to handle this heavy burden."

Dan's younger brother (and best friend) expressed his feelings in part, "Dan did not cure cancer and could not bend steel in his bare hands; he was not Mother Theresa nor was he a noted delegate for world peace, but he was a kind, gentle, fun-loving, generous spirit and a friendly presence has been taken from our midst."

"On the day of his funeral Mass in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, New York, additional services were held in London and we treasure the words that were said then and since, such as: 'The good memories are yours and please do not let anyone ever steal them from you.' I have a son and I hope that he grows up to be like your son, a loving and decent person.' The memory is left, it cannot be taken. No terrorist in the world can do that.' I know Dan was the best kind of man and I know that God is holding him now.'

So, while the hurt is deep and ongoing, we are overwhelmed by the 
reaction of so many people whose lives our son had touched. He did not live long enough, but he will never again be hurt."

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