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John Mulroy
United States of America / Seat 34G
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John Mulroy
Director International Communications - The Associated Press
April 01, 1929 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 59)

John Mulroy was born in Cloongee, Foxford, Co. Mayo, Ireland. At the time of his death, he was the director of international communications for The Associated Press. John had joined the wire service in 1984 after 25 years with Pan Am, where he had been the director of communications. He was traveling on Pan Am Flight 103 with his son Sean Kevin Mulroy, age 25, Sean's wife Ingrid Elisabeth Svennson-Mulroy, age 25, who were residents of Sweden. Also traveling with him were his sister Bridget Mulroy Concannon, age 53, her husband Thomas Concannon, age 51, and their son (his nephew) Sean Thomas Concannon, age 16. They were all on their way to spend Christmas in East Northport, New York.

John Mulroy, age 59 at the time of the Pan Am 103 bombing disaster, left behind his wife, Josephine 'Joan' Lynch-Mulroy, age 60, his son Brendan Mulroy, age 23, and his daughter Siobhan Deirdre Mulroy-Camas, 26, who later passed away at age 57, on Oct 19, 2019.

In total, six members of the Concannon and Mulroy family perished on the Pan Am 103.

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