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Sean Kevin Mulroy
United States of America / Seat 34H
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Sean Kevin Mulroy
May 03, 1963 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 25)

Sean Kevin Mulroy was born in Bronx, New York in 1963. He was traveling on Pan Am Flight 103 with his wife Ingrid Elisabeth Svennson Mulroy. They were newlyweds living in her hometown in Sweden and traveling with Sean's extended family to East Northport New York for a Christmas family reunion.

Sean was also traveling with his father John Mulroy, his aunt, Bridget Mulroy Concannon, his uncle Thomas Concannon and his cousin Sean Thomas Concannon.

In total, six members of the Concannon and Mulroy family perished on Pan Am Flight 103.

Ingrid Elisabeth's parents write. Our daughter, Ingrid Elisabeth Svensson Mulroy was 25 years old when she was taken away from us. She was a student at the University of Lund and was planning to become a speech therapist. The summer before she died, Elisabeth married Sean Kevin Mulroy. Sean and Elisabeth were the same age and had met when Elisabeth was working in New York at a country club. When Ingrid Elisabeth decided to return to us, her mother, Britt, her father, Curt, and her younger sister Karin. Sean decided to go with her. He got a job in a factory in Malmo, and they were married on June 11, 1988, less than six months before they left us behind.

Their wedding was attended by Sean's parents, sister, and many relatives and friends from all over the world. (The photo was taken on a lovely June day, filled with happiness, outside the church in Ivetofta, Bromolla.) Elisabeth and Sean had a happy life with us here in Sweden and they had plans to stay on here a long time. The Christmas of 1988 was getting closer and after much thinking they decided to spend the holiday season in New York with Sean's family. They had not seen each other since the wedding and as we thought that we would have many Christmases together, they left. In London they met up with Sean's father and some other relatives going over from England.

We would never see them again and our lives will never be the same."

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