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Anne Lindsey Otenasek
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Anne Lindsey Otenasek
January 13, 1967 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 21)

Anne Lindsey Otenasek, one of the Syracuse University group, was returning home to her family in Maryland. Lindsey was a junior at Western Maryland College, and was taking her junior year through Syracuse. She leaves her parents, Dr. Richard and Margaret Otenasek and five siblings. Her parents write, "Exuberant, loyal and compassionate best describes Lindsey, the youngest of six children. Her concern for 'the man by the side of the road' led to a social work major at Western Maryland College. DIPA offered the opportunity to combine education and cultural exploration (in her favorite city)." Lindsey was very interested in deaf education and was learning sign language. Her goal was to work with deaf children.

The following excerpt is taken from Baltimore City's Catholic Charities Publication of "Blessings," (Summer Edition, 2000):


For ten years now, employees and friends of Gallagher Services have gathered on a May evening to honor a young woman whose life ended far too soon, but whose memory lives on through a scholarship program in her name.

Anne Lindsey Otenasek died in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, as she was on her way home to Baltimore from a semester in London. A student at Western Maryland College, she was working on a degree in special education with a focus on hearing impairment—a career interest developed after serving as a Gallagher Services volunteer for three years. 'Lindsey...wanted to serve people who were less fortunate, in particular those with developmental disabilities' said her mother, Peggy Otenasek.

Lindsey's family (including her mother and father, the late Dr. Richard J. Otenasek, three older brothers, and two older sisters) decided to set up a scholarship fund as a way to create a positive response from this devastating event in their lives. Family members, hundreds of friends, and MBNA America, where Lindsey had worked as a summer intern, enthusiastically supported their efforts.

Some of the scholarships go to Gallagher employees to further academic pursuits related to their careers. Others go to high school or college students who, like Lindsey, became 'Special Friends' to Gallagher residents. This year there were five recipients.

Gallagher Services is a Catholic Charities' program that provides residential and day programs for people with developmental disabilities in 32 locations throughout Baltimore city, Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel County.

The following poem was written by Lindsey's brother, John, and was read at Lindsey's funeral mass on January 13, 1989, her 22"d birthday:

Today we carry her home, 

Returning her body to earth and sky,

In spirit, she rides the wind.

The life we share now echoes with her deeds, 

Her words, her smile, indeed rare.

And at once, we've gathered to pray,

Lord, receive our young one—we loved her so much.

Through her life, we were all touched. 

By her death, memory forever fills our hearts, 

Within that place of our hearts beats our hope,

Constantly on the heels of sorrow.

God has called Lindsey to Himself. 

God has blessed our family with a child. 

What hangs in the balance is the way we live our lives 

And our great loss to be reckoned with.

So now that you have our attention Lord,

Show us the map to salvation. 

Help us to clear the direction of peace

And with our hearts broken, 

Give us the grace and courage to go on. 

Lindsey wants this, 

Of that I am sure.

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