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Martha Owens
United States of America / Seat 35H
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Martha Owens
Executive- Piper Aircraft
June 02, 1944 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 44)

Martha Ives Owens, 44, was returning home for the Christmas Holiday with her husband Robert Plack Owens, 45 and daughters Sara Rebecca, 14 and Laura Abigail, 8.

The family resided in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and were laid to rest together in Berlin Cemetery, New Jersey. Both Martha and Robert were avid aviators having their private pilots licenses and owning a share of a small plane. Both worked for Piper Aircraft in Lockhaven, Pennsylvania.

Martha Ives Owens was born in Hanover Grafton, New Hampshire; Robert was born in Utica, New York; Both Sarah Rebecca and her sister Laura Abigail were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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