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Christos Michael Papadopoulos
Greece / Seat 17A
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Christos Michael Papadopoulos
November 11, 1943 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 45)

Christos Michael Papadopoulos was born in Greece in 1943 and emigrated to the United States as a young man. He married Judith Steiner in 1976, in New York City and went on to become a naturalized American citizen on February 15, 1978, also in New York.

Christos, who traveled back and forth to Europe with shoe samples and was returning to the U.S. onboard Pan Am Flight 103 when it was bombed on December 21, 1988.

He left behind his wife Judith in Lawrence, New York.

In 2001, Judge Joel Gewanter, acting Village Justice in Cedarhurst, Long Island, told the Long Island Herald, that his "brother-in-law was an agent for major shoe companies in the U.S. and often traveled to Europe on business, taking pictures of the newest styles of shoes being produced in Paris and other countries and that he would have never gotten on that plane, had he known [about the embassy warning]," Gewanter said.

"If the government had given the average U.S. citizen the same opportunity to protect themselves that they gave our diplomatic staff, there's a good chance he [Papadopoulos] would still be alive today," Gewanter said.

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