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Pamela Lynn Posen
United States of America / Seat 26K
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Pamela Lynn Posen
January 30, 1968 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 20)

Pamela (Pam) Lynn Posen, a senior psychology major at Boston University's College of Liberal Arts, and a resident of Harrison, New York, was returning from a semester of study in London, England, through a University of Maryland study abroad program. Boston University awarded her degree posthumously in May 1989. Pam leaves her mother and stepfather, Bonnie and Martin Gregge of Harrison, New York, with whom she resided; her father and stepmother, Carol and Jack Posen; her brother, David; a sister, Julie; two stepsisters, Alison and Lauren; and her half-sister, Jennifer.

Poet, music-lover, avid journal-keeper, eternal optimist, Pam let her light shine wherever she went. On the last page of her journal, Pam proposed a title for the movie she had dreamed of making one day, "I Laughed. That's all That Mattered." A 1985 graduate of Harrison High School, she loved to laugh, sing, and dance. "She radiated good vibes," said her brother, David, "And she could fill up a room with them. She brought enthusiasm to everything she did."

Pam's poetry gave a glimpse of her humor and sensitivity. One poem addresses her feelings of loss when her family moved. A touching love song to her mother captured the strong sense of family that was among her strongest values. She called her mother her best friend. She waxed poetic over her love of food, her flirtations of boys, her love of music. And always, like Pam, her poems are funny, witty, insightful, and upbeat.

You're always there in times of need
you cheer me when I'm blue
So whether I'm home or far away
remember—I LOVE YOU!
—Pam Posen

Pam's family does, indeed, remember her love.

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