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Jocelyn K. Reina
United States of America / Flight Crew
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Jocelyn K. Reina
Flight Attendant
May 26, 1962 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 26)

Jocelyn K. Reina was born in Los Angeles, California, where she attended school and went on to Cypress College. She majored in drama and took classes in French language. While studying drama, she fell in love with Shakespeare. She made TV commercials for Fuji films and Disneyland, but found it hard to make a living acting in Los Angeles. She took a course in hair design by Vidal Sassoon and became a cosmetologist. A lifelong dream of becoming a flight attendant, however, eventually led her to fly for Pan Am.

When she was accepted by the carrier she found she could unite her dream of being a flight attendant with her love of Shakespeare: she was based in London, England. Jocelyn had 11 months of service with Pan Am when she died, six of those months she was happily based in London.

Jocelyn had a very winning smile and shared it with everyone. Her ability to stand out in a crowd was uncanny and she made friends wherever she went. She is missed by all those friends and by her family. Jocelyn is survived by her parents, Betty and Ted, and a brother, John.

A co-worker remembers Jocelyn's quick wit and zest for life, "Whatever she pursued, it was with intelligence and endless enthusiasm. You could not easily forget Jocelyn. I hope you were lucky enough to have met her."

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