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Louise Ann Rogers
United States of America / Seat 29D
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Louise Ann Rogers
February 13, 1967 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 21)

Louise Ann (Luanne) Rogers, a Maryland Institute of Art senior, was studying in London, England, through the Syracuse University DIPA program. While in London, she roomed with Gretchen Dater, another Maryland Institute student killed in the bombing, and three Syracuse students. In college, Luanne tried a range of art in painting, sculpture, and photography. She planned to design clothes after graduation in the spring of 1989.

Two months shy of her 22nd birthday when she died, Luanne's life was full of dreams and promise. Colorful and offbeat, Luanne did everything with style. Funny and feisty, creative and hardworking, warm and determined, Luanne kept a sense of purpose. She wanted to learn from life all she could and was a serious student in school, work, and play. She enjoyed fine arts and photography and studied both while in London. Luanne made a strong impact on everyone she met and her loss leaves an incredible void in the lives of her family, parents, Oregon and Ann; and siblings, Becky, Ken, Rob, and Jay.

During her sister's Peace Corps service in Senegal, Luanne spent five weeks visiting the village where she was working, NDiaye, where death is a frequent visitor and the infant mortality rate is more than 50 percent. The people of the village expressed their sorrow at the death of Luanne, whom they had come to know and love. Luanne's sister, Becky explains, "They grieve with all the families. Senegalese always greet a friend by asking if God is with your family and sending greetings to the people of your home and kind. When my family wrote me their condolences, they asked me to greet my people: the other families of Pan Am 103. Now, in closing, I send you all sincere and deeply felt love and sorrow from one small African village. They knew one person but understand more than most, all our grief and sorrow over the loss, waste, and wreckage of God's most precious gift."

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