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Thomas Britton Schultz
United States of America / Seat 45C
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Thomas Britton Schultz
January 05, 1968 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 20)

A young scholar, Thomas (Tom) Britton Schultz had spent the semester retracing the footsteps of Britain's greatest social architects and political philosophers. At Ohio Wesleyan, he was pursuing a double major in history and politics and government. It was his intellectual curiosity that led him to enroll in the Syracuse University European semester abroad. Ohio Wesleyan has posthumously awarded him a Bachelor's degree.

Studies didn't always come easily to Tom. He struggled when he started high school at Suffield Academy. But officials there recalled that he became an achiever, that he overcame his shyness to become an adventurer of sorts. He loved to travel, for example, and relished every new experience. One summer he went to France; another year he had an internship with a Dallas newspaper. He spent five years at a rugged camp in Maine where he and fellow instructors built bunkhouses. A new one has recently been built there by friends and dedicated to his memory.

Tom had maintained a 3.8 average at Ohio Wesleyan. He was house manager of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. He was also a two-year letter holder in track and cross country. Professor Michael Good of Ohio Wesleyan said, "He was the kind of student you pray for. He was a sponge. Every experience or piece of information you could give him, he would absorb."

Tom is survived by his parents, John and Jane of New York City, New York, and Ridgefield, Connecticut. The Schultz's only other child, Andrew, died in 1978, at the age of eight, the result of a tragic accident in which a grenade found in the basement of their new home exploded in his hands. How ironic that not one, but two explosions could shatter the dreams that one family had for its sons.

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