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Sally Elizabeth Scott
United Kingdom / Seat 56G
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Sally Elizabeth Scott
January 15, 1966 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 22)

Sally Elizabeth Scott was born at home in Sanderstead, England. She had a happy childhood, enjoying being a Brownie Scout. One of the first badges she worked for was her cooking badge. She attended the Ridgeway School, Sanderstead. She played the recorder in the school band and took ballet lessons.

In 1975, her family immigrated to Huntington, Long Island, in the United States. Sally and her brother, Tim, adjusted to a new life very quickly. She was able to make friends easily; she joined the Girl Scouts and became a leader. She attended Huntington High School where she played hockey and also joined the DECA Club. After graduating in 1984, she attended Johnson and Wales College in Rhode Island and received a degree in culinary arts. She was always interested in cooking and gave wonderful dinner parties.

Sally and her boyfriend, Cisco (also a chef), moved to Buffalo, New York, and worked in a restaurant. Their plan was to open a restaurant of their own, but unfortunately this was not to be. Cisco was killed in a motorbike accident in 1987.

Sally returned to Long Island and went to work for a food distributor. She was a real fun-loving person and would buzz around Huntington in her sports car, her pride and joy. She would always attract a lot of young people around her. But for all this, Sally couldn't really settle down. After her brother, Tim, married in June 1988, she decided to move to London, England, back to her school friends and the Rugby Club where her father was president.

While in London, an opportunity arose for Sally to start her own business, supplying lunches for the Stock Exchange. She asked her mother, Shirley, to be her partner. Shirley went to London in November and for the next four weeks they looked for and found a fully equipped kitchen. They had their first customer, supplying 40 lunches a day. At last everything was going so well for Sally. She called the company "For Starters." Sally was returning to New York to spend Christmas with her family.

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