In Memory Of
Mridula Shastri
India / Seat 24H
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Mridula Shastri
Rhodes Scholar
February 12, 1964 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 24)

Dr. Mridula Shastri's mother, Shanthi, describes her beloved daughter, "A vivacious, bright, fun, loving, very talented kid. I as a mother, used to wonder, where does she get all the energy to be a doctor, a swimmer, an artist, an avid reader, and a danseuse? She had won many prizes as the best actress at school. She had won the All Around Best Student award four times: at school as a junior and senior; by the Cadbury's; by the Rizvi Foundation; and at her college, Jai Hind. She had stood second in her final M.B.B.S. exams. She had captained the Indian Women's team as a swimmer and water polo player. She had won many prizes for elocution competitions. She had modeled at the Taj for a Chinese friend—walking the ramp, just for friendship's sake. She was a well-loved person and a very kindhearted human being. She had told me that after her stint at the Oxford, she would go to a village and start a hospital for the poor."

Continuing, Mridula's mother writes, "All in all, she was a complete person and honestly, believe me please, I as a mother feel she was lent to me by my Lord Ganesha for a very brief period of twenty-four years. How the years flew I don't know. Each day with her was a day of achievement. I relished each day with anticipation. Both my husband and I had to face a lot of difficulties, but darling Mridula used to bring her joy and I especially forgot all our difficulties and welcomed each day with joy....Before departing to Oxford, on receipt of her Rhodes Scholarship, my baby Mridula's last words to me were, `Mummy, only two more years, then I will see to it that you don't have to struggle.' She kept her word—but in a negative way. She was flying to meet her fiance in the U.S.—a doctor."

Besides her parents, Subramanyamr and Shanthi, Mridula's brother, Devdutt, an architect in San Francisco, also survives her.

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