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John Somerville
United Kingdom / Lockerbie Resident
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John Somerville
March 25, 1948 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 40)

Janet Boyes, sister of John Somerville writes, "John. affectionately known as Jack to family and friends, was at home along with his wife, Rosalind (whose christened name was Rosaleen), and children, Paul and Lynsey, on the fateful night of 21 December, when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded in the sky causing parts of the engine to fall on their home, killing all four of them and destroying everything. All that was left was a huge crater in the ground."

Jack and Rosalind were born and raised in Glasgow, moving to East Kilbride where they married and where Paul and Lynsey were born. They moved to Lockerbie some five years before their deaths. through Jack's employment in the car trade where he managed a large car showroom in Dumfries. They were a very happy and devoted family and enjoyed the quieter lifestyle living in Lockerbie provided. Shortly before their deaths they had a great sadness in their lives when their baby son, David. born on the 17' of July 1988, died after living for only one day. This caused Jack and Rosalind to become involved in 'Cot Deaths Syndrome' for which they raised funds. There is a Family Comfort Room in Dumfries Royal Infirmary dedicated to their memory.

Little did we know as we stood at the graveside in Dryfesdale Cemetery burying this little baby that in six months time we would be back again burying the remains of all four of them."

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