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Michael Gary Stinnett
United States of America / Seat 19H
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Michael Gary Stinnett
U.S. Military
May 27, 1962 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 26)

Specialist Michael Gary Stinnett and his wife Charlotte Ann Stinnett had planned to surprise relatives in Red Oak, Texas, with a Christmas visit. With them on Flight 103 was Charlotte's nine-year-old daughter, Stacey Leanne Stinnett. Charlotte's 14-year-old daughter, Velma, who knew of the surprise, was waiting to meet the three Stinnetts in South Carolina and then fly on to Texas with them.

Charlotte's sister, Linda White, said the deaths were so especially tragic because Michael and Charlotte had been so happy since their marriage three years ago. Michael joined the U.S. Army at that time. As Linda explained, "Work was real scarce here in Texas. They both just decided that it might be the best thing to do." The couple had been in Germany since July where Michael was assigned to the Twelfth Aviation Brigade. They liked Germany and were planning to bring Velma over to live with them and Stacey. "They had just started learning the language and they were really getting kind of used to being there."

Michael, 26, is survived by his parents, Donald and Elizabeth, and a half-sister, Dawn. Charlotte, 36, is survived by her mother, Velma McGuire; three brothers; and a sister. In addition to Stacey and Velma, Charlotte had two other children by a previous marriage, Melvin and Tammy. Linda White said that Michael was very close to Charlotte's extended family. "Us having such a big family, he just sort of adopted us."

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