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Marc Alex Tager
United Kingdom / Seat 26H
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Marc Alex Tager
August 03, 1966 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 22)

Marc Alex Tager, 22, was traveling to Florida for a holiday. He was asked to fly via New York, New York, for a business meeting. For this reason he was on Pan Am 103.

Marc went to City of London School, where he took his A-level examinations. His preferred subject was modem history, in which he excelled. After leaving school Marc became interested in different areas of business. He had many brilliant ideas that were just beginning to come to fruition including film production. He had bought the film rights for two books, but all this ended with his death. Being interested in international trade he was very well traveled, even if only 22-years-old. He lived for nine months in Paris and six months in Milan, visited Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, as well as driving all over the United States by car. He had a large circle of friends and was always at its center. He was a source of inspiration to his friends and was an example for them, guiding and helping them whenever support was needed.

Marc was an active member of the Jewish community in London, England. He was instrumental in setting up a young committee for the Jewish National Fund raising money for projects in Israel. After Marc's untimely death this young committee created in his memory two projects in Israel, a playground in Mitzpe Adi in the Northern part of Israel and a sports center at a high school in Nazareth Illit. Recently his sister and friends have created an auditorium in an institution for handicapped children in the town of Raanana, also in his memory. He was an ardent worker for the cause for Soviet Jewry visiting Refusniks during one of his trips to Leningrad.

Marc was never without a smile on his face and was loved for his outgoing personality and warm disposition. His loss is mourned by his parents, his sisters, his brother-in-law, and by many, many friends.

Sometime before he was killed he had written a message that ended as follows:
"Remember three things-
1. I will always be near;
2. Believe in G-d and study the Torah;
3. Never give up when your test comes up."

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