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Andrew Alexander Teran
Bolivia / Seat 27D
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Andrew Alexander Teran
August 31, 1968 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 20)

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Andrew Alexander Teran was the second child of a Bolivian father and a Scottish mother. Andrew chose to go to the University of Edinburgh for his Yale junior term abroad in order to discover his Scottish roots. He had traveled since early childhood, living also in the United States and mostly in Lima, Peru. His feeling that he was made up of each of those countries led to his increased global awareness.

Andrew's goal was to pursue a career in international law. He founded "Buscando America" at Yale to further the knowledge of Latin America and its culture. An ardent supporter of political and social justice, he had hoped to eventually work to foster international understanding and to help develop a new global order that would improve the conditions of developing countries.

His sister, Suzanne, remembers Andrew as a sensitive, thoughtful person, always ready to demonstrate love and affection towards his family and friends. His special gifts were his writing, expressed through lyrics and poetry, and his sense of humor. His next projects were to be hiking in the Andes and writing his first novel.

In addition to Suzanne, he is survived by his brother, Javier, and his parents, Feliz and Pamela.

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