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Asaad Eidi Vejdany
United States of America / Seat 20C
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Asaad Eidi Vejdany
Engineer and Entrepreneur
February 24, 1942 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 46)

Asaad Eidi Vejdany's family remembers him, "Asaad, always the devoted son, was on his return journey to his home in New York—having spent a week in London bringing succor and joy to his elderly father and mother. This last act reflects the depth of being from which emanated his loyalty, utter dependability, compassion, and infinite responsiveness to the needs of others as manifested in a myriad of ways throughout his life."

Known as a man of honesty, decency, and integrity by all those whose life he touched, there always lurked beneath the sometimes quiet and conservative exterior a sweetness, warmth, and humor which manifested itself best in his playfulness with children; thus the adoration of his nephews and nieces.

A graduate of Lafayette College, where he studied mechanical engineering, and ironically, Syracuse University, where he specialized in industrial management. Asaad returned to Iran, his country of origin, to contribute his expertise to the industrial development of the country and partake in the life of his culture and close knit family—which was always of overriding importance to him.

In the aftermath of the revolution in Iran, never once having counted his substantial losses, he returned to the United States where he became a naturalized citizen. He subsequently established a building supply family enterprise in New York, New York, and married in 1983.

Part of his family's fondest memories of Asaad are when he was at his happiest: of watching this quietly gentle man at home, screwdriver and pliers in hand under the hood of his immaculately maintained car, or in the process of repairing the fleet of toy vehicles he heaped upon his adored nephews.

Asaad's family further describes their loss, "A pillar of our existence, the chasm of his untimely death left in our closely-knit family is immeasurable. The profound pain suffered by all who knew and loved him can only be borne by the instinctive knowledge that...

Those who have once begun the heavenward pilgrimage may not go down again to darkness and the journey beneath the earth, but they live in light always.

...and in our hearts."

His parents, his wife, and four siblings survive Asaad.

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