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Nicholas Andreas Vrenios
United States of America / Seat 46E
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Nicholas Andreas Vrenios
Student - Syracuse University
August 20, 1968 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 20)

Nicholas (Nick) Andreas Vrenios was a junior majoring in photography at Syracuse University. His dream was to be a professional photographer; his hero was Ansel Adams, the renowned nature photographer. Tim Slaughter, one of Nick's London, England, roommates, recalls how Nick would get up early, go out and try for "the perfect picture of the Queen or someone else."

Nick went to London with three prized possessions—a camera, a guitar, and a skateboard. The skateboard made him "quite a sight" speeding along London streets, Tim said. Nick was an accomplished guitar player and would "make up" music with Scott Cory and his harmonica. Scott, another London roommate, was on the plane with Nick.

In recognition of his love of all kinds of music, his parents are establishing a scholarship fund for talented music students in Nick's memory.

Nick always tried to do everything, his father recalled. After staying awake for 50 hours near the end of the semester. Nick couldn't resist packing his bags for a quick trip to Scotland. A family friend described him as "very bright, very curious, and one of those people that other people just gravitate to. He was very excited about the world."

In the Syracuse yearbook. his parents describe him, "Nick possessed an enthusiasm for life. His eagerness and joy to experience everything and his love for travel led him to London to study for a semester. He loved people, photography, nature, laughter, skateboarding, poetry, swimming, and playing the guitar. His favorite expression? Go for it!"

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Capital and Lisianthus for Pan Am
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Aug 01, 2022 - Mendocino, CA
A gift from the people of Scotland, the cairn in Arlington Cemetery is made of 270 blocks of red sandstone quarried from Lockerbie in memory of the 270 people lost in the Pan Am 103 bombing in 1988 NY Times. grief is not buried here. only stones stacked. stacked in a cairn. stones carved fit end to end. Scottish stones. each stone like the other. laid round over round. end on end. bombed despair. stones laid back-to- back. each a wound. each like the other. identical stones. souls stacked to fit. wind to wind. flower to flower. each world tips over. back. back and back again. carved stones fit end to end. fragments of a bomb. fragments of sand. fragments split from lost gold of grass. from lost depth of spring moss, from loss. fragments of dreams. mortar forgetting air. love mortared in tears. in soaring seeds. mortared fragments balanced end on end. mortared endless dirges of stones. dirges of memory balanced at edge of sky. each stone. a life ended. my son. student. mother. child. father. son. daughter. pilot. stewardess. teacher. saint. angel. human. families around the dinner table. bombed. shiny. bloody. laughing. longing. broken. edges mortared. moments raining over the singing insistence of grief. moments peeling away clouds. back fitting to back. bone to bone. wing to wing. heart to heart. stones piled like bones. bombed. broken, burst fragments of stars. fall. tip back over back. gather in cairns. gather in grasses. gather in stones. fall from light into light. death into death. body over body over body. earthen piles. graves into grave into grave. wings over wings. in rounds back-to-back. stacked. each a clay pot broken. crushed. bombed. back to red earth. formed into memory. into tears. into open wounds. sealed by love's mortar. endless bones. end to end to end to end to end to end.  
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Aug 01, 2022 - Mendocino, CA
Special Delivery
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Memorial Pin Pan Am Flight 103
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Dec 21, 1988