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Nicholas Andreas Vrenios
United States of America / Seat 46E
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Nicholas Andreas Vrenios
August 20, 1968 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 20)

Nicholas (Nick) Andreas Vrenios was a junior majoring in photography at Syracuse University. His dream was to be a professional photographer; his hero was Ansel Adams, the renowned nature photographer. Tim Slaughter, one of Nick's London, England, roommates, recalls how Nick would get up early, go out and try for "the perfect picture of the Queen or someone else."

Nick went to London with three prized possessions—a camera, a guitar, and a skateboard. The skateboard made him "quite a sight" speeding along London streets, Tim said. Nick was an accomplished guitar player and would "make up" music with Scott Cory and his harmonica. Scott, another London roommate, was on the plane with Nick.

In recognition of his love of all kinds of music, his parents are establishing a scholarship fund for talented music students in Nick's memory.

Nick always tried to do everything, his father recalled. After staying awake for 50 hours near the end of the semester. Nick couldn't resist packing his bags for a quick trip to Scotland. A family friend described him as "very bright, very curious, and one of those people that other people just gravitate to. He was very excited about the world."

In the Syracuse yearbook. his parents describe him, "Nick possessed an enthusiasm for life. His eagerness and joy to experience everything and his love for travel led him to London to study for a semester. He loved people, photography, nature, laughter, skateboarding, poetry, swimming, and playing the guitar. His favorite expression? 'Go for it!'"

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