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Jonathan White
United States of America / Seat 55J
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Jonathan White
July 14, 1955 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 33)

Jonathan White was returning home from his first European vacation and was looking forward to starting a new job with Coopers and Lybrand in January. His six-week trip included touring France, Holland, England, and Germany. His father said how "terribly excited" Jonathan had been about the trip, passing the CPA exam, and the upcoming job. "Everything was wonderful for him."

Jonathan's father is David White, the actor who played the role of Larry Tate on the long-running comedy series "Bewitched." A widower for 30 years, David had raised Jonathan and his sister himself. Standing outside his North Hollywood home, David said, "They killed this wonderful son of mine. I'm as angry as hell." Jonathan's father has since passed away.

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