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Brittany Leigh Williams
United States of America / Seat 46J
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Brittany Leigh Williams
October 13, 1988 - December 21, 1988 (Age: 2 mos)

For Sergeant Eric Jon Williams, family always came first. He was returning home on Christmas leave to see his seriously ill father in Crown Point, New York. Flying with him from Germany were his wife, Bonnie, 21; and his two little girls, Stephanie, one and a half, and Brittany, two months. When Flight 103 exploded, so did the dreams and hopes of this entire young family.

A crane operator assigned to the 516th Engineer Company, Eric, 24, had been stationed in Hanau, Germany, since April 1987. Eric extended his enlistment for a year so that the Army would let his family live with him in Germany. "He was one hundred percent family," his brother Steve said. He is survived by his parents, Orrin and Veda; his brother, Steve; and two sisters, Pamela and Julie.

A graduate of Crown Point High School, Eric had worked as an apprentice welder with his uncle. He entered the Army on a deferred enlistment in 1984. Steve said, "The Army pay was terrific and he wasn't quite sure welding was what he wanted to do." His first assignment was to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. By the time he left for Germany he had advanced from private to sergeant. And he married his high school sweetheart, Bonnie Rafferty, of Ticonderoga, New York.

Bonnie was on leave with the 105th Military Police of the U.S. Army National Guard in Troy, New York. She is survived by her parents, Glendon and Margaret, and four brothers. Bonnie's mother said, "Bonnie was always delighting us with letters supposedly written by Stephanie." Bonnie and Stephanie had lived with the Raffertys until Bonnie was able to take the seven-month-old youngster with her to Frankfurt to join Eric. No one in the Williams or Rafferty family had seen Brittany and all were eagerly awaiting their first sight of the new baby as well as Eric, Bonnie, and little Stephanie.

In one of the letters, Stephanie wrote, "I weigh 22 pounds and I am real tall too. Mommy is cooking supper. Daddy will be home around 5:30. I hope he isn't late again. We got a transformer so we can use the blender and toaster. Mommy is going to grow me some flowers on the patio this summer. They have flowers that bloom in the winter over here. I'd better go and get my diaper checked. I'm pretty smart, huh?"

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Jan 18, 1989